The “YAGURA (櫓)” all-ceramic speaker system

A unique and groundbreaking approach to high-quality audio


At CAS, we believe in thinking outside, and inside, the speaker box. For our latest system, we’ve selected three of the highest-quality speaker units in the world and embedded them in two colossal, one-piece enclosures made entirely of ceramic. Introducing the YAGURA (櫓) three-way, all-ceramic speaker system.

Why ceramic?
Ceramic has long been known as an efficient medium for transmitting sound waves. In addition, when bake-hardened, the material becomes exceptionally strong and highly resistant to warping.

With an enclosure that never warps or bends, the speaker units are held in place much more firmly, allowing the amplitude of the cone to follow the movement of the voice coil with much more accuracy, precision, and power. As a result, the super high-end speaker units are allowed to stretch out and perform at the absolute limits of their potential, reproducing highs and lows that could never be heard with MDF, wood, or other conventional cabinet materials.

From the very first moment you hear the YAGURA speaker system in action, the advantages of building with ceramic are simply unmistakable. The superior transient response, overpowering sound energy density, sound transparency raised to the extreme, and the vast, expansive soundstage that envelops the listener are all what make ceramic the material of choice.

Three exceptionally high-quality speaker units are embedded into two separate, super-strong ceramic enclosures. Composing the midrange, the top enclosure features a RAAL 140-15D ribbon tweeter, rated among the top ribbon tweeters in the world, along with an 18cm Audio Technology C-Quenze, a golden standard for high-end mid-woofers. The bottom enclosure is equipped with a powerful 23cm Wavecor subwoofer, coupled with a passive radiator. This arrangement effectively muffles the mutual interference between the speaker units, resulting in a total sound quality that is smooth, unrestricted, and nothing short of astounding.

A new challenge: The all-ceramic speaker system
Drawing upon our decades-long history and rich experience in creating high-quality products, we at CAS are continuously refining our ceramic crafting techniques with the goal of creating the ideal speaker system. We spare no effort in making sure that this technical know-how is reflected in every single product we offer.

Ceramic speaker systems allow a high degree of freedom in the curvature of the various edges and surfaces of the enclosure. In addition to superior acoustic qualities, this results in an aesthetic design that blends in elegantly with the interior design of any living space.

Highly malleable and easily molded into various shapes and forms, ceramics are well suited to applications that call for curved planes. This makes them the ideal building material for enclosure designs that utilize a wide range of curved surfaces.

In addition, speaker enclosures built with fired ceramics are exceptionally rigid and strong. By frequently incorporating curved surfaces throughout the design, we are able to minimize the presence of standing waves as well as resonance inside the cabinet, while at the same time preventing diffraction on the cabinet’s external surface. Ceramics allow the dream of the ideal speaker enclosure to become a reality.

CAS is proud to deliver to your ears something never before possible…
A sound quality like none you have ever heard.



Type : 3Way Separated Speaker System
Drivers : LF: Wavecor 22cm Subwoofer + Passive radiator
MF: Audio Technology 18cm MID Woofer
HF: RAAL Ribbon Tweeter
Frequency response : 25Hz~100kHz
Sensitivity : 86db/W
Nominal impedance : 8Ω
Max. input power : 150W
Dimension(cm) : 1140(H)x450(W)x460(D)
Weight : 80kg/each